okey.. as i said before i have decided that i’m gonna make a supernatural project.and as i said i’m gonna need as many people as i can have… that is aproximatly 200 people…

soo if you wanna be in this project you have to:

  • be reliable so that i can count on you
  • send me a submission/message that you want in and write your e-mail or skype or facebook or something to contact you… tumbler account isn’t an option unless you don’t have any other option
  • with the application write your name and where do you came from

you have one week to send me an application.

after you send me your request i will tell you what to do and how many time you have to do that.

i hope a lot of you will join and there will be a reward for two of you that will join…

lots of love and i hope we can make this project work.

if you have any questions about it just ask me… i don’t bite. ;)


what better time spent is to watch SUPERNATURAL season 5… i swear… i watched that season like a hundred times… but its soooo goood. ;D

Is it just me or is there anybody alse that can’t wait till SUPERNATURAL S08!?

c’mon i really are getting tired of waiting…. i got so desperate i started watching supernatural from the beginning… LOL…

how do you guys spent time without supernatural?